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Book about Application Developers as Customers in API Economy
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Themes covered

The book is built around three themes, each of which is one part of the book. The three themes are wrapped up in final Developer Portal focused part.

APIs as products

In the part one you'll learn why APIs should be seen as products and what it means in practice. We will use existing great productised APIs as examples to avoid purely theoretical viewpoint.

Developer-first approach

In the second part we'll go through features and aspects on API development to focus on while keeping primary customer - application developer at the center. You will learn what kind of team you'll need to craft APIs your customers will love and why APIs mentioned in part I are successful.

Business to Developer marketing

In the third part we'll guide you towards successful Business to Developer marketing (B2D). You'll learn how to get started and things to avoid. Without proper marketing your efforts have been in vain and waste of time and resources.

All the topics discussed previously are wrapped up in separate concluding part about Developer portals.

Planned chapters are introduced below as well as schedule.


Some of the planned chapters. You'll find introduction to each chapter by clicking the items.
The list will grow as the work goes forward and new chapters are introduced around every second week.
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Motivation and background

API provides access to value proposition

Part I: APIs as products

Beyond data APIs

Part I: APIs as products

Primary customer is developer

Part I: APIs as products

Developer eXperience

Part II: Developer-first approach

Key to success is multidisciplinary team

Part I: APIs as products

More coming soon!

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The list will grow as the work goes forward and new chapters are introduced around every second week.

Planned schedule

The need for book is now. Thus we aim to write it before summer 2019.

  • Nov 2018 - 2% done

    Fix preliminary structure

    In November 2018 we have fixed preliminary structure and topics to cover as well as timetable for each chapter. This is now done. Selected three themes are introduced above. Chapter topics for the themes have also been decided and writing has begun.

  • Dec 15th 2018 - 22% done

    First 5 chapters

    At this stage Part I - "APIs as Products" is done as well as Preface. Each chapter will have around 8 pages. Of course some of them will have more some less. Topics to be discussed are value proposition, APIs after data APIS, primary customer (developer), business models and team composition in API development.

  • Jan 15th 2019 - 47% done

    Half way

    Second Part "Developer-first approach" will be mostly written. Some of the topics to be discussed are developer experience, tools and tool development as well as distribution, sales and support, getting started with API and documentation.

  • Feb 15th 2019 - 75% done


    Last chapters of part II are written and at this stage Part III Business to Developer Marketing is mostly done. Topics to be discussed include developer relations, what is B2D, channels, support, advocacy and communication tone and style.

  • March 15th 2019 - 98% done

    Final chapters

    Finally last chapters of the book are written about marketing and concluding part about developer portals are also finalized. After this starts the hard work of refactoring the content towards final manuscript to be published. Aim is to get all done by April 15th 2019.

  • April 15th


Publishing plan is fixed. Book will be published via Leanpub (self-publishing). The book will be available before it is completely finished. Ordering the book before finalized version will help me write the rest of it. You will get updates for free as the book goes forward. First chapters will be available soon to give you a glimpse of what's coming.

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Our Team

Responsibility of the book is with Jarkko Moilanen, but developers are invited to the team as Advisors to ensure bullshit-free content. Advisors do not write or code in this project. Their task is peer review in the extend they see fit. If you want to be in the Advisory role and have access to book content, contact author (details below).

Jarkko Moilanen

Book author

Viljami Kuosmanen

Developer (Advisory Board)

Jani Karhunen

Developer (Advisory Board)

Janne Uggeldahl

Bearded Banker (Advisory Board)

Kimberly Grice


Your name here?

Developer (Advisory Board)

The book discusses serious topics, but this has to be fun. Jarkko has promised to keep open mind for new thoughts. The group can have different opinions, but respect each other. Too serious people should not bother to contact us.

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Jarkko Moilanen (PhD)

+358 40 535 9066


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